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Beyond is a future proof Aparthotel concept & brand.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create spaces that have a positive impact beyond the communities they serve. Beyond combines efficient design, healthy rooms, intelligent technology, innovative concepts and low impact hospitality solutions for both the corporate and leisure guest who is searching for a sustainable hospitality experience.

The Aparthotels

Beyond Aparthotels provides functional, comfortable and modern spaces to relax, recuperate and nourish alongside fantastic gym, restaurant and bar facilities.

Our commitment to being carbon neutral, zero waste and chemical free - offers our guests and staff, low toxicity spaces that have a reduced impact beyond the communities we serve.

Beyond Aparthotels

About Us

We provide spaces that are better for you and low impact to address your needs today without leaving a mark on the future.

Beyond is a brand and product for the changing hospitality market that will have to adapt to the post Covid-19 world and will be driven by consumer demand for 'Sustainable Wellness' and experiences without impact.


Beyond Aparthotels is looking for opportunities to expand its operational platform in key target locations. These include both urban centres and select larger scale development projects, where we can see longer term partnership opportunities with like minded developers and investors.

These locations include the city centre and surrounding areas of:

Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Oxford, Manchester, York.

Contact us

Beyond is looking for like minded owners and developers of sites, who want to develop Aparthotel sites that are operated as best in class ESG/Sustainability operated Real Estate assets.

We will work with your team to ensure the build and longer term operations of the site is considered to reduce the lifetime impact of the development, while ensuring the highest potential returns for given location.