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About Us

The First Sustainable Serviced Apartments in London.

Our Zero Promise

"Leave no trace" is a commonly used phrase by explorers in the great outdoors, it means leave no litter and do no harm to the place that has been your home. At Beyond, we are bringing that same guiding principle to the city.

One bed

ZERO single-use plastic

All our cosmetic and cleaning products are refillable, from bottles/pouches that are reused (not recycled). Even our organic coffee and tea is plastic packaging free. Our coffee is provided by London's best coffee company - Grind - using their genius compostable pods. Feel good this morning.

Our zero promise
Fully fitted kitchen

ZERO waste to landfill

All the rubbish generated from guests is collected by zero emissions vehicles to be either recycled or used to generate electricity. All by-products will be used to create materials for construction. We did say we have thought of everything.


ZERO chemicals

The UK’s greenest laundry service - Oxwash - washes all our towels and bedding. Zero use of chemicals for cleaning, zero emission vehicles used to transport the laundry and totally compostable protective packaging. We use a 100% chemical free cleaning product that kills 99.9% of bacteria - meaning you are not exposed to toxic substances that can affect your health and energy levels.

Living room


We start by reducing the energy we use with double insulated, noise cancelling windows and insulation and low energy appliances, LED lights and efficient heating and cooling solutions.  We've packed our roof with solar panels and we use 100% renewable energy from the UK's greenest energy provider - Green Energy UK.  Finally we work with Treepoints to monitor and report on our energy use and off-set to ensure you have a net carbon zero experience at Beyond Apartments.

Our Renewable Commitment

Our purpose is to provide enlightened accommodation solutions and services to guests in a way that is carbon neutral and offers healthier spaces for both our guests to stay and our staff to work.

Energy Efficient

Our building is highly energy efficient. With double glazed acoustic windows, the latest most efficient heating and cooling technology and low energy A++ and A+++ appliances, we have minimised the energy appetite of every apartment.

Our renewable commitment
Smart temperature controller

Clean and Green

As you know, busy lives require a lot of energy! When you are living at Beyond, every time you charge your laptop, watch the TV, or put the kettle on, the energy you are using is always clean and green.

Washing machine

100% Renewable

We use 100% Renewable Energy from the UK's most sustainable provider - Green Energy UK - alongside electricity generated by our onsite solar panels. We also offset any carbon that is produced, qualifying us as a Net Carbon Zero site.

Photo of a living room with smart TV

Beyond in the Future

Beyond is a sustainable brand that happens to specialise in hospitality solutions.  We believe that this is where our expertise and outlook can be best employed to make an impact.  Our dream is for others to see that it is possible and to join us or learn from us and create more spaces where guests do not need to compromise to Stay Neutral.

London city

Future Beyond Sites

The best way of Beyond having an impact is by applying our operational techniques on sites to ensure they have a low impact.

We are expanding and looking for like minded owners and developers to work with to develop future Beyond Apartments projects or for us to manage their existing buildings.

Contact James at:

LOOK beyond
Vue from a balcony

Does your company look Beyond?

If your company's values are shared with Beyond's and you care about your employee welfare and your company's impact, Beyond is your perfect accommodation solution.

We would love to tell you more about what we do and how we can help.

Photo of a modern bathroom

Get In Touch

We are constantly looking to expand our network of best in class partners and suppliers.

New innovative solutions are being created every day and we want to be at the forefront of making the change.

If you have a great product or service that enables us to do so, we would love to hear from you.